Love Art Laboratory

Surgery Performance

Annie was diagnosed with breast cancer, April Fools Day, just three months into the Red Year. We decided to take on the breast cancer as a Love Art Lab project. What better way to explore the themes of security and survival than to try and stay alive. Beth asked our anesthesiologist to document the highlights of the surgery performance for us. Here are the results. Annie’s nipple and tumor turned blue from the dye the surgeon injected into her lymph nodes. The biopsy came back indicating the lymph nodes were clear, and the cancer was stage one. Our surgeon told us the following week that the guys in the operating room were fighting over the papers used to blot the iodine off of Annie’s breast. Annie was making tit prints even while under anesthesia. Then we made 13" x 17" prints of these photos which were exhibited in an art gallery with surgical tape covering the frames.

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